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        Shanghai Porsche Training Center Facade
        Shanghai Porsche Training Center Courtyard
        Shanghai Porsche Training Center Corridor
        Shanghai Porsche Training Center Carpark

        Completed within a planning and realization process of 2.5 years, the training center comprises a GFA of 8,600 m2 with 14 top-notch training workshop units and 6 theory-training classrooms, which is developed as a green building and nominated to receive a LEED Gold certification.

        The floor plan is rectangular. The functional areas distribute into four sides. The enclosed courtyard and covered area are used as parking for the training cars. Building layout is symmetric, neat and compact. Main structure of the building is one floor and two floors on the southern part. Key functional areas such as entrance lobby and training units are on the ground floor; offices, canteen and training rooms are on the 1st Floor. Inner court and part of the interior space are covered by shed roof with northern light which becomes characteristic of the building.

        Location: Shanghai, China
        Client: Porsche
        Assignment type: Commission
        Design Phases: Initial study, schematic design, project management (quality, process and cost), overall fit-out design
        Type of project: Commercial Buildings, Office Buildings
        Project duration: 2011 - 2015
        Program: Training Center, Classrooms,
        GFA: 8600 m2
        Certificates: LEED Gold
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